Our Video Production class had a competition to create the best introduction to our school.

Congratulations to the winner Tiana!

We hope you enjoy this glimpse into our school.  

Virtual Tours



Student Lounge

Math- Mr. Greenlaw

English- Mr. Berdan

Art- Mrs. Kay

Kitchen- Mrs. Kay

Science Lab #1- Mr. Loxdale

Science Lab #2- Mrs. Purviance

Socials- Mr. Ndekezi

Socials/CALM/ESL- Ms. Fernandez

Math- Mrs. Lintan

Religion- Mrs. Kay

Carpentry Shop- Mr. Jamieson

Mechanics- Mr. Jamieson

Welding Booths- Mr. Jamieson

School Entrance and Lobby


Ph: 403.782.3381 x 4112
Fx: 1.866.931.2652

6940 University Drive
Lacombe, AB
T4L 2E7

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Fx: 1.866.931.2652

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