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PAA Alumni Making a Difference

Antonia Lawrence (Class of 2005) is making a difference in her town of Toronto with Uplift Kitchen. Antonia and her co-founder Emily are working in their spare time to provide food for racialized families in the Toronto area. Would you like to help her out? Check out the website for more information.

Thanks for your work, Antonia!


We've been working hard to create a newsletter worthy of our amazing Alumni. We are sending these out via email and letter mail in the next week but we wanted to get it out to you as soon as possible! We hope you enjoy this update from your alma mater.

Connections 1.1_Page_1.jpg

Issue 1 .1

Connections 1.1_Page_1.jpg

Issue 1.2

Our New building has its own page here on our website.
Check it out here

future site of Parkview Adventist Academy


Pictures of You!

God's leading in your lives and your love for PAA means we have an amazing group of Alumni dedicated to excellence and standing for PAA's legacy. Your prayers and support as we navigate changes is an answer to prayer and yet another way we see God's continued blessing on PAA!

Class Photos

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