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Course Offerings

At PAA we work hard to provide classes that our students both need and want. We survey our students before making the schedule to ensure we are providing a broad range of classes in areas that our students are interested. We are a small school doing great things!

Core Classes

Grade 10

Religion 10
Social Studies 10
English 10
PE 10/20/30
CALM 10/Worksafe/Foodsafe
Science 10
Math 10C
Math 10-3/20-3

Grade 11

Religion 20
Social Studies 20-1/20-2
English 20-1/20-2
PE 10/20/30
Science 24
Biology 20
Chemistry 20
Physics 20
Math 20-1
Math 20-2
Math 10-3/20-3

Grade 12

Religion 30
Social Studies 30-1/30-2
English 30-1/30-2
PE 10/20/30
Science 30
Biology 30
Chemistry 30
Physics 30
Math 30-1
Math 30-2
Math 31

Options Courses

Semester 1

Foods 10/20
Choir 15/25/35
Film and Media Art 15
Digital Photography and Design 10/20/30

Semester 2

Foods 30
Outdoor Education
Art 10/20/30

Options Course Descriptions

  • Foods 10/20

This course is offered to anyone that has the desire to build their cooking and baking skills. Students will learn about kitchen safety, hygiene & food handling. In addition students will explore various cuisine and prepare delicious baking and meal items. Foods 10 is an introductory foods class, whereas Food 20 is more advanced. (5 credits)

  • Choir 15/25/35

Do you love to sing or have an untapped talent to sing with a group of people? Consider signing up to the PAA Choir. This is the place for you to further explore music theory, read sheet music, and learn how multiple voices can create harmonies and melodies that move the heart. This is an excellent opportunity to further develop your musical talents! (5 credits)

  • Film and Media Art 15

In Film & Media Arts 15 you will learn to be an active viewer. In this course you will view and respond to a variety of films with an aim to increase your knowledge and awareness of the medium, while focusing on film history, genre conventions, and social implication. This course will allow you to have fun while you explore film from both an artistic and a technological perspective. Film & Media Arts 15 is meant to provide a comprehensive overview of the study of film as a whole. Potential units will examine visual literacy, storytelling, history, and genre. (5 credits)

  • Digital Photography and Design 10/20/30

Students will explore digital photography including modules such as digital processing, composition, lighting, and colour. Student photos will be used to help in the building of our yearbook. (5 credits)

  • Foods 30

This class is for students that have already completed Foods 10 & 20. Students will be challenged to apply more advanced techniques in cooking and will explore various ways for food processing. (5 credits)

  • Outdoor Education

In this class, students will explore the outdoors with modules such as cooking theory, survival skills, cooking practice, excursion, and leadership. (5 credits)

  • Sewing

A course designed to support students that want to learn the fundamentals of sewing and to put that knowledge into practice. Students will learn to sew by hand (and possibly machine). They will have the opportunity to redesign, recycle and restore items, create a new item, and explore textiles and their care. (5 credits)

  • Art 10/20/30

In Art, students will explore elements of art and colour theory, and consolidate their learning the various modes of drawing and painting. It is all in how you set up your composition, ratios, and proportions. It is in knowing the value of having good line direction and of good tonal range. Drawing and painting is not easy work, but it can be de-mystified and presented in a straightforward, easy to understand manner. From there on, we require our students to put in the time, effort and practice so they can excel and be truly proud of their best work. In Art class, you have the opportunity to learn techniques in pencil & charcoal drawing, pen & ink drawing, watercolour & acrylic painting, gold leaf technique and more. (5 credits)

  • Work Experience 

We offer credits to students that work or volunteer under the direct supervision of an adult in any field. Work Experience credits are offered with a minimum of 3 credits per semester (75 hrs). We can issue up to 5 credits a semester (25 hrs = 1 credit). There is a pre-requisite that must be completed prior to any credits being issued for Work Experience (HCS3000 - part of CALM class). Students can be issued up to 15 credits for all of high school.

  • Green Certificate Program (Gr. 12)

Green Certificate Programs are designed for students interested and/or currently working or living on a farm. 

The Green Certificate Program provides trainees with opportunities to enter a variety of agriculture-related, structured learning pathways as a part of their senior high school program and to earn up to 16 Grade 12 diploma credits and a credential that could lead to a career in agriculture or agri-business. Students learn on the worksite, under the direction of experienced farm personnel and under the supervision and administration of their high school’s Off-Campus Education Coordinator and their Green Certificate Regional Coordinator. The Green Certificate Program oversees all aspects of program delivery. Green Certificates can be issued to anyone interested in beekeeping; cow, calf, beef production; dairy production; equine production; feedlot beef production; field crop production; greenhouse production; irrigated field crop production; poultry production (broiler chicken, broiler hatching egg, table egg, turkey); sheep production and swine production. 

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