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Course Offerings

At PAA we work hard to provide classes that our students both need and want. We survey our students before making the schedule to ensure we are providing a broad range of classes in areas that our students are interested. We are a small school doing great things!

Grade 10

Core Classes
Social Studies 10
English 10
Religion 10
PE 10
Science 10
Math 10C / 10-3

Grade 11

Core Classes
Social Studies 20-1 / 20-2
English 20-1 / 20-2
Religion 25
PE 10/20/30
Science 20
Biology 20
Chemistry 20
Physics 20
Math 20-1 / 20-2

Grade 11

Grade 12

Core Classes
Social Studies 30-1 / 30-2
English 30-1 / 30-2
Religion 35
PE 10/20/30
Science 30
Biology 30
Chemistry 30
Physics 30
Math 30-1 / 30-2 / 30-3


Coding/Game Design - Forensic Studies - Psychology - Choral Music
Work Experience - Foods - Personal Finance - French 10/20/30 - Philosophy
Creative Writing - Art 10/20/30

Course Descriptions

  • PE 10/20/30 - Mr. Ndekezi and Mr. Loxdale

Physical Education is about developing the skills, attitudes, and knowledge to become lifelong lovers of movement. Through team sports, individual activities, and research, students will learn that exercise is not simply something that is done for a few minutes here and there but can be a way of life that allows them to become all that God made them to be.

  PE 10 is required for high school graduation and needs to be completed at some point during your high school career. It is recommended to complete it in your 10th grade year. PE 20/30 is optional.  

  • French 10/20/30 - Mr. Ruzindana

Even if you have never spoken a word of French, through French as a second language you will use French to speak in simple terms about familiar things and to carry out simple conversations that reflect life experiences, such as buying an item or making a hotel reservation. They will explore Francophone cultures and understand the interaction patterns used by French-language speakers. 

  • Creative Writing - Mr. MacDonald

Creative Writing is designed to be a fun, survey course where the students can explore their creative sides in the language arts.  The course is designed for students to assess samples of quality writing, take appealing elements and apply them in a creative manner, as well as examine various authors and the opportunities available for publishing written work.  Various types of writing are explored:  short stories, novellas, screenplays and scripts, poetry, speeches, and specialties (practicing different types of genres).  It is a course that complements the traditional English courses, helping students to build and transfer writing skills to other aspects of their academic and personal lives

  • Psychology - Mr. MacDonald

High school psychology is an elective course that aims to give students an understanding of human behavior. Psychology classes for high school students typically cover several important aspects such as the history of psychology, research methods, classification and treatment of disorders, and more.

  • Personal Finance - Mr. Greenlaw

Personal Finance is a custom made course designed to help you understand how to deal with money. You’re learn the fundamentals of how money works, how to manage it, effective ways for growing and protecting wealth, how taxes work, how to invest and save for retirement, and much much more. One day you will be making money, and it is vital that you understand what to do with it when that time comes. Prepare yourself now by learning what you should be doing with money, so that you don’t make life-altering mistakes in life later on that are difficult to reverse.

  • Foods - Ms. Fernandez

Foods Basics, Meal Planning, Milk Products and Eggs, Regional Cuisine, and Vegetarian Cuisine are the 5 modules you will look at in this hands on, lab based course. Work in groups to recreate recipes, learn knife skills, and the basics of cooking to not just stay alive but stay healthy! When you are done, you will have 25 recipes that you can confidently create for your loved ones, or for your own consumption​.

  • Coding/Game Design - Mr. Greenlaw

  • Forensic Studies - Mr. Loxdale

  • Choral Music - Mr. Ruzindana

  • Work Experience - Mr. Desjardins

  • Art 10/20/30

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