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myPass & Transcripts

Click here and follow the instructions to obtain copies of your transcripts

Forgot your Alberta Student Number? Use this link

myPass Student Access

MyPass is an Alberta Education self-service website set up for Alberta students to:  

  • View diploma exam results and request rescores  

  • Register to write a diploma exam  

  • Order High School transcripts  

  • View progress towards a credential (diploma or certificate)  

  • View and print a Detailed Academic Report (DAR) 

  • View student personal information 


To access myPass, you must have:

  • An Alberta Student Number (ASN)

  • A personal email address (not your PAA email address - this must be given to the office prior to trying to log in)

  • Your date of birth


To sign up for myPass:

  1. Go to

  2. Sign in with Education Account

  3. Google should be used to create the Alberta Education Account: 

    • Students must enter their email, click “I’m new, sign me up!” and select “Sign Up” 

    • Check your email for a confirmation link after you have created your Education Account.  

    • Select the link to confirm the creation of your Education Account.  

    • You will then enter in a screen name and a password.  

    • You can then select “Finish”  

    • Record your username and password in a safe place.  You will be using this account throughout your High School, so please don’t lose your log in information – it is not easy to reset!  

     4. Conversely, if you do not sign up for your myPass account through Google, you will be                         prompted to request an Access Code.  This code will be sent to your home address and will               arrive within 5-10 business days.  Once the code arrives, you can authenticate your account               from there.  Please note, the code expires within 30 days of its arrival, so please set up your               account as soon as you receive it!

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