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Welcome, Grade 12s!

Your Class Sponsors

Mr. Greenlaw

macdonald - face pic - 02.jpg

Mr. MacDonald

Class of 2023

Class Executive

President - 
Vice-President - 

Secretary/Treasurer - 

Pastor - 

SA Rep - 


Your Classes

Core Classes

Biology 30, Physics 30,

Chemistry 30, Science 30, 

Religion 30,

Math 30-1, Math 30-2 & 30-3, 
English 30-1 & 30-2, and
Socials 30-1 & 30-2

Elective Classes

PE 10/20/30, Foods,

Coding/Game Design,

Art 10/20/30, Forennsic Studies,

Psychology, Choral Music, Philosophy, Creative Writing,  Personal Finance, French 10/20/30, and Work Experience

Events to look forward to!

Parkview Adventist Academy Senior Class has some pretty amazing events to look forward to throughout the year. While we are undergoing some changes, we are hoping to maintain as many of these events as possible. 

Senior Survival, Pasta Dinner and Pie Auction, Senior Week, Class Challenge, Burman U days, Class Parties, Class Trip and, of course, Graduation. Stay Tuned for some pictures of these fantastic programs in the months to come!

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