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Welcome, Grade 11s!

Your Class Sponsors

Mrs. Whitworth


Mr. Loxdale

Class of 2024

Class Executive



Secretary/Communications - 

SA Rep-  


Your Classes

Core Classes

Math 20-1, Math 20-2, Religion 20, English 20-1 & 20-2,
Socials 20-1 & 20-2,

Biology 20, Physics 20,
Chemistry 20, and Science 20


Elective Classes

PE 10/20/30, Foods,

Coding/Game Design,

Art 10/20/30, Forennsic Studies,

Psychology, Choral Music, Philosophy, Creative Writing,  Personal Finance, French 10/20/30, and Work Experience

Events to look forward to!

Parkview Adventist Academy Grade 11 has some pretty amazing events and programs to look forward too. The grade 11 class really starts to put the pedal to the metal when it comes to fundraising for class trip and graduation. With this year as the biggest jump in your educational career so far, you'll learn incredible skills in time management, brain expansion and leadership as you get ready to step up to your senior year. Grade 11s enjoy Class challenge, class parties, and some creative fundraising opportunities throughout the year! Buckle down! You've got this!

Check back soon to see the grade 11 class in action!

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