Welcome, Grade 10s!!

Your Class Sponsors

Mrs. Whitworth


Mr. Loxdale

Class of 2024

Class Executive

President - Mackenzie

Vice President - Thembe 

Pastor- Nolan
SA Representative-  Thamu

Your Classes

Core Classes

Socials 10-1, Socials 10-2,
Math 10C, Math 10-3

CALM/Worksafe/First Aid, PE 10,

English 10-1, English 10-2,

Science 10, Religion 10

Elective Classes
Outdoor Education, Drama, French, Foods, Forensic Studies, Political Thinking, Psychology, Video Production, Art 10, Personal Finance, Coding and Gaming Design

Events to look forward too!

Beginning your High School career can be daunting some times and we work hard to try to make it as smooth a transition as we can. We are working on a Freshmen Orientation for you so you can see best what life is like here before classes begin. You can also look forward to events like Class Challenge, Christmas parties, Banquets, and many other chances to make new friends to get to know your teachers better. We really love what we do and we can't wait for you to love it here as much as we do! Stay tuned for some pictures of our freshmen class showing us how it's done!